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A great beer cafe has been visited!
Located in Bredene, a coastal city near Ostend.
They offer 43 different Belgian quality beers.

Kon. Astridlaan 38-18, 8450 Bredene
A nice terrace is available too.

This great place is run by Ignace Desmet, who's pouring their house beers for our enjoyment.
The place is called "Bij Plop" (At Plop), referring to the worldwide famous (in Belgium) children series Kabouter Plop (gnome Plop).
It seems Ignace has a bit of gnome Plop resemblances....hence the name :)

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Canon shot without flash

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Time to try their two house beers, called Plopperke Blond and Bruin. (small Plop dark and blond).
Both beers are label beers from Monachus Blond and Bruin, made by the "De 4 Monniken" at brewery Feniks, with recipes from my friend Rudy Vossen (De Bierboom).
This means: TOP QUALITY !!! Be aware, I'm NOT biased at all  :drunken_smilie:

This beerpub is a nice addition to the Belgian Beer Pub Map, and is the best beery place in Bredene at this moment!


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